Sun Flowers

San Francisco - MOMA

Checked out MOMA. Had the same issue I have with all galleries, by the end your brain is just overflowing with art/ideas and it is difficult to process everything.

Diner for Breakfast

Like any stupid tourist, I went to a diner for breakfast.

"Can I have a long black please?"

"I don't know what that is."

Bay Bridge

After Folsom, I decided to return to the real world by taking a walk up to the Port of San Francisco to check out the Bay Bridge and surrounding areas. Topped off with a cable car ride up California street.

Folsom Street Fair

So after a jetlagged night of almost no sleep and wasting half the day when I finally did get some rest, I headed to get a coffee and try and work out what to do for my first full day in San Francisco.

I found out about something called the Folsom Street Fair. It sounded kinda familiar at that point in time, (probably due to this), so I checked a map and off I went. I had kinda pictured it as being some kind of normal street/music fair, little did I realise that it was gay/trans/fetish event. Anyhow, you can picture my face when I turned up expecting some vanilla event.

These pictures don't even tell half the story.

Haight Ashbury

After Fishermans Wharf, I headed up to Haight Ashbury. It is a kinda cool area, let down by its own success, based on all the bong shops etc. I did enjoy checking out the Whole Foods supermarket, I wish we had those in Australia.

Fisherman's Wharf

I took a cable car up toward Fisherman's Wharf to check out Lombard Street and the views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge.

Unfortunately, it was far too foggy to really take in much of the Golden Gate bridge, but it was fun to have a wander around.

San Francisco - Day 1

San Francisco - Day 1 continued

A few more shots from my first night in SF.

Hello world!

So this is something new I started.

I had planned to get it a bit more established before my holiday in the States, but it was not to be, unfortunately. So for now, you will just need to put up with my holiday pictures until more formal introductions can be made.

Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge


Skyrail to Kuranda